New Year, New Goal [Blog/Prayer]

new year

new yearThis month marks the first month of this, hopefully, glorious new year.  By now many of us have already made our list of goals of what we would like to accomplish for this year.  I still have exercise on my list – it’s on my new year’s list, new month list, new day list.  In any case, when we make these goals, we create them regarding things we want.  We want a new job, a new car, a new house, to save more money, etc.  Sometimes we make them about things we want to experience: be more social, get a mate, take a vacation, and so on.  But how often do we make goals around who we want to be?  If truth be told, some of us are jacked up.  There are areas in our lives that could use an overhaul.  We could be more honest, loving, compassionate, thoughtful…we could just be better.  So in addition to the exciting goals you already have, I challenge you (and myself of course) to add more goals on how you can be a better person.  Think about the ways you can make your heart more pure, and ways to care for one another more deeply.  Can we resolve to, each and everyday, work toward being our highest and best self?  Can we work on learning and being our most authentic self?  Add that to your goal list, I know I will.  It will be a challenge.  I pray that you are bold enough to accept it.

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